How can such a homey, inviting and unpretentious restaurant be a New York Institution? All it takes are customers, from near and far, who return over and over, for nearly twenty-eight years to enjoy the innovative comfort food and to enjoy, of course, the famous cloud-like popovers slathered with strawberry butter.

What kind of restaurant is it? What is the food like? To these questions asked by people who have heard of, but not yet visited Popover Café, there is no simple answer. Popover Café is not like any other place. Popover Café is the singular creation of its originator, Carol Baer. One can dine to please the appetite, mood and pocketbook. Whether you crave a luxurious prime filet mignon dinner, an imaginative vegetarian entree, or simply a goat cheese and spinach omelette or an overstuffed Mad Russian sandwich, on any given evening, Popover's eclectic menu will entice you.

Open daily, Popover Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as weekend and holiday brunch. A children's menu is available and a light-bites menu is offered in the late afternoon. We offer an International selection of wines and beers.

Popover Café has been touted by Forbes Magazine, Arthur Schwartz, Joan Hamburg and New York Magazine. Popovers by Mail was cited as one of the top holiday gift choices by the food editors of the New York Times. We are also proud to be chosen by the City and Company Guide as one of New York's 50 Best Places to have Brunch.

Reviewers in Tokyo and Paris have sent us travelers in search of their first popover. What a delight to watch the joy on the face of a popover virgin as they taste a steaming bite dripping with strawberry butter!

Come join us!